Friday, August 31, 2012

Bread, Breakfast And A Baby

Was totally hooked on freshly-baked bread that I had every morning for breakfast while I was at parents'. Mom baked a loaf every morning with a bread baking machine, and even T, not a big bread eater, tried it when he was staying over, loved it, and thought it was nice to wake up to that warm softness.

So, we were at an electronics shop for printer ink the other day, ended up in the kitchen appliances corner, checked out the baking machines and decided to use a piece of T's summer bonus to buy one.

I ran the first trial last Sunday for breakfast, and here's the aftermath.

The bread could use more "moisture AND fluffiness". T's words. Moist and fluffy? Two adjectives that normally don't go together. But I saw his point. Will work on it, buddy.

Bye the way, it was the first time since A was born that T and I were able to have breakfast together. She has grown less needy of our attention when she is awake. She is able to lay on her back by herself happily enough not to cry her guts out when we leave out of her sight. Mommy's proud.

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