Sunday, February 13, 2011

Film Report - RED

Haven't done a film report in a while, have I?

Before I give a report, let me reminisce and talk about my movie-going days in So Cal.

I used to be a huge movie buff, which T finds hard to believe. The second year in California, I lived just a mile away from Edwards Stadium 26, and used to just walk there to spend a day off. I didn't have a class on Friday, or a part-time job yet, so my weekends were endless. So I would grab a Snapple or something, and visit Edwards for a movie-marathon, by myself too, at least once a month. You can easily cover 4 movies a day if you were there from the earliest show. Sure my ass fell asleep after, like, two movies, but hey, it was a lovely way to spend my 8 bucks (student discount, baby!).

These photos found on line almost brought me to tears. So many memories! The smell of popcorn... unfriendly customer service at the box office... redundantly huge diet coke... annoying teenagers in groups... the whole scene. It's one of those things that I wake up missing horribly, and that I took for granted while I had it.

Ah... memories!

Anyways, I saw "RED" with T on Friday, and I had a blast! It wasn't some testosterone-driven action film for meat heads that I semi-expected.

A story very well written, and I was laughing my head off at John Malkovich's character. But my personal favorite? Helen Mirren.

A red lipstick and a gun. There is definitely something there.

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