Sunday, December 5, 2010

My New Magic Wand

How can a 30-year-old woman not get stoked when she is given a very special wand to give herself pleasures???

...oh my.

As erotic as the line might sound AND as I fully intented it to, you are probably imagining a different kind of wand right now so I should proceed right away to introducing my new...

...curling hair dryer!

It's not just a dryer, it's nano-ion dryer!

What the heck that is is a dryer that blows air that is packed with " (n)ano sized moisture ions (that) deeply penetrate into your hair to make it shine & healthy".

Ever since I got a haircut two months or so ago, I had been needing a curling hair dryer to make my morning ritual of hair styling a little easier. I knew about the nano-ion dryer that is far better than a regular nothing-air dryer, so when I was in Tokyo the other day I visited Bic Camera to look for one.

There were billions of dryers that are regular ones, and only two kinds that are nano-ion. The two are easily 3 times more expensive than a regular dryer. In fact, they are probably the most expensive nano-ness a person would ever pay for. But I really wanted one and I was debating which kind to get when T, who was with me at the time, offered to buy me one.

While I really didn't expect him to, he insisted on paying for one since I tagged along with him all the way to Tokyo just to go to this music store where he wanted to to check out guitars. So I gave in. Yay, it's an early Christmas gift.

Thank you, T! I will use this every day, you won't regret a nano bit!

Until next time,


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