Monday, December 20, 2010

List of 10 - Christmas Wishes

I was reading a friend's blog where she listed all the things for Christmas that she wants to wish for, and was very much inspired to make my own. So here it is. And since I am nearing 31 and no longer a little girl who is simply good or naughty (I'm hell of a lot more things than just good or naughty, thank you very much), lemme just blur out like a grownup woman without bullshits.

1) a kitten
I love all animals and wouldn't say no to having a dog. But cats are lower-maintenance, and for a woman with very little energy who can't bear the idea of going for a walk twice a day every day, a kitty will do.

2) an oven
Ovens are hard to come by in Japan, and I am dying for one. I haven't baked much this year, unlike last year when I blogged about my baking goodies a lot, and I partially blame the lack of oven system in this country for it. Sure, the gas price is sky-rocketing. But hell, if I had an oven like this one below, I'd save money on ... on... something, to bake pies and muffins all year long.

3) an apartment in Paris
Like, why the hell not?

I mean, what right-minded girl would NOT want an apartment in Paris, where she can go on a morning stroll along Seine or go museum hopping in the afternoon, or have a croissant-and-a-freshly-squeezed-OJ brunch on the balcony overlooking the Eiffel tower?

4) a TV
By July 2011, I need to have a digital television by law to watch TV in my own household. While I am not a big TV watcher, I will be very sad to miss out on The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist on SuperDramaTV. So, a new TV by July, I need. And since I am getting one, I might as well get a nice one, the kind I will love for the rest of my life and my grandchildren will be saying "Your TV is so old, grandma!"

5) more time off
I want more time off. Time to be NOT working or doing or even thinking about things related to work. I have less and less of that, lately.

6) consecutive days off
And I want a consecutive two-day off on a regular basis. If I had that, I get to "not think about things related to work" that I mentioned in 5) at least one day, on the first day of the two days. Since I have Tuesday and Sunday off, I am thinking about Wednesday on Tuesday, and about Monday on Sunday. I'd looooooove not to do that, at least one day of the week.

7) a home library
You know the beginning scene from Beauty and the Beast where Belle goes town to the bookstore and finds her favorite book from the shelf as she rides on a sliding ladder? The first time I saw that when I was, like, 11, I was electrified. I was in love with that book shelf with the ladder. And I still am, as I approach 31.

Dad was a major book collector/reader, and still owns thousands. Mom, a not a big reader, has been trying to think of ways to get rid of them all. Hell to the no! I want to take over all of dad's preciousness and make me a home library one day. So mom, stop cleaning the loft!

8) a car
A Mustang, and a yellow one at that, has always been my dream car...
...but here in Japan, any American vehicles don't quite look right, not to mention driving one like a Mustang or a Corvette is a tad difficult to pull off in style: the roads are freaking narrow and curvy, parking lots are limited, and gas is super duper expensive. So lately, I am prone to droll at a Mini Cooper whenever I pass by one on the road. A European coop seems better suited for a country Japanadian girl like myself than an American convertible.
9) a central heating system
Oh my gawd it's cold in winter! And oh my gawd they need a better heating system in Japanese houses!

10) a fireplace
That's one thing I reeeeeeally miss about living in British Columbia. The smell of the cedars burning. The sound of the logs cracking. Now THAT is Christmas time.

Thank you, Santa, for at least reading my list. Show me what you got, alright?

Until next time,



  1. What a cute kitten... I have a cat,too.Like you said,cats are low maintenance.(I think they keep some distance from us.) Beautiful pictures!I like your favorite thing.Your father will be very happy if you take over his books.

  2. kumiko: thank you for stopping by and leaving a very nice message! have a happy new year!