Friday, October 5, 2012

An Evening Stroll

While it's still warm enough to call it summer for my taste, the sun is setting earlier and earlier to feel the sense of autumn. Which suits me fine,  as I am a big fan of the melancholy season that brings me back memories of my solo trip to NY back in 2005.

My usual evening stroll with A has come to be my favorite time of the day. And she seems to be quite fond of being out, too, to feel the air on her fat cheeks. Stepping out of the apartment always puts her in a good mood.

As I am much in need of more exercises to lose the love handle, I've started walking for about 90 minutes, topping that with a half-hour grocery shopping before coming back home.
Here is the cherry tree path that goes right into...

...our future hangout, Akashi Park.

The leaves on these tress will turn bright and pretty soon. Can't wait.

Until next time,


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