Friday, September 28, 2012

Feelin' Colorful

Here is the latest addition to our entrance.

Felt like going for the pop colors.

There was an inquiry from one of you kind readers the other day about how much I usually spend on the flowers, and here's the answer: not much. What you see in my vase as a whole is probably costing less than your sandwich-and-salad lunch.

There was another inquiry about the photo of T and myself on the entrance shelf that usually shows up in my flower photos. I'm being protective T's privacy so this is the closest shot of that photo I will ever post on my blog. But since our first wedding anniversary has passed, I am thinking of replacing the photo with something else now anyway. We are now officially non newly-weds. But thank you, for those of you who were curious, for your interest in taking a better look at my husband and myself on our wedding day.

Until next time,


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