Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mu Ga En - House of Philosophy

Found this place 10 min. drive from my flat, Mu Ga En, where visitors get to be philosophical and deeper and stuff. The guidebook said that it was free of charge, so there I was, 10 in the morning, walking into the "House of Philosophy", ready to find serenity within myself.

To my surprise, really, it wasn't too bad. On its premise were a tea ceremony house that anyone can participate without having been properly prepared (no kimono or knowledge of traditional manners for the occasion required) completed with a neatly-kept Japanese garden, and this museum-like building (free to enter) where displays of philosophers' famous sayings and philosophical lines from literature are on the wall, and you can sort of walk around the quiet corridor, haunted by their words and deep in thoughts.

The whole place is quite peaceful. Whether you care about philosophy per se or not, you are bound to calm down with your thoughts and find yourself inhaling deeper as you walk around and feeling good about life...

...or, you can just take advantage of the place for your morning stroll.

Beginning to really like the city I live in.

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