Friday, February 24, 2012

A Little Pottle Acquittal

The kettle I had been using for as long as I can remember was, in the nicest way possible for me to put, pretty fucked up. It had dents and soda stains that I couldn't for the life of me get off. and it wasn't even very convenient to begin with, with nothing but its spout to pour water in (and out, of course), and when the water boiled it whistled like a really bad teenaged soprano singer wanna-be that I could hear from the outside of the apartment.

Regardless of all that, it did make thousands of cups of tea and coffee for me the past years, it's become an item of sentiment for me. After all, anything that makes or keeps one warm is hard to let go. Right, ladies?

But I had to move on, especially now that I am retired and the afternoon tea - or coffee, has become my favorite time of the day. Onto a Pottle, that is. A Pottle, ladies and getlemen, is a kettle & a pot put together that a Japanese designer came up with. You can boil water on stove, or use it as a tea pot, or both at the same time. And it's frigging adorable (and quiet)!

Come in five different colors.

I went for the yellow one, 'cause, of course, it's the cutest.

Love my tea time now.

Until next time,


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