Friday, April 1, 2011

31st Birthday

Two weeks after the horrid earthquake that devastated Japan, I turned 31. And I was more thankful for that day than I ever was.

It is easy to fear and worry. We are weak, and we fret at every chance we get. But that's when we need to stay brave the most. Be thankful for everything. Appreciate what is usually taken for granted. Words of kindness. Smiles. Food. Water. Heat. Home. Bed. Family. Friends. Boyfriend. Girlfriend.

My birthday this year highlighted all of that. And I cannot begin to describe how much I love everything that makes my life what it is. No earthquake or tsunami can take them away from me. And I thank all my friends who took the time to celebrate my birthday while the country is in such a turmoil. Thank you all, with all my heart!

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