Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lunch in Tokyo

Was in Tokyo the other day again.

I had had, and still do, a cold that's tenaciously sticking around my sinus and I can't get rid of the phlegm for the life of me. Translation: I can't taste a damn thing. My voice's turned husky and I admit I rather like how I sound, though. Very Phoebee-singing-Smelly-Cat-on-a-sick-day.

Anyway, again, I can't taste a damn thing. I only know what I am eating since I have the visual. Yet, sitting at my favorite macrobiotic cafe alone gave me comfort. So I thought I might as well pretend I can savor the food.

The lunch special that's only available for 10 people a day.

Steamed brown rice with red beans, and kasu soup.

Completed with a cup of herb tea.

Gotta love Brown Rice Cafe!

Until next time,


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