Monday, August 24, 2009

The Power of Blueberries II

Mom made a bunch of jars of blueberry preservative this weekend with the berries that were harvested from her little garden, one of which I hawked from the kitchen counter when I had the chance. Duh! As if I would walk bloody past by jars of freshly-made jam!

I am a huge fan of jam of all sorts, but blueberry tops it all, I think, especially the one mom makes. The health freak that she is, mom makes it with sugar to the minimum. Did you know that a regular jam recipe will tell you to use the same weight of sugar as whatever fruit you are using? And did you also know that, a cup of, say, strawberries, would need, like, three cups of sugar if you follow the recipe? And did you know that that's utterly gross?

To hell with recipes, mom says. And so her preservatives taste actually like the fruit themselves: sometimes tart, even sour-ish, just the way I love them.

Anyway, the best possible way to enjoy mom's jam is with lightly toasted English muffins. They are a tad on the pricey side of bread isle here in Japan, but I'm not going to skimp on enjoying mom's heavenly creation to the fullest.

Bon appetit!!

Thank you, mom!

Until next time,


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