Thursday, January 2, 2014

List of 10 ーYet Another New Year's Resolutions

1) Make a return to my blog. ...and here I am! Check!
2) Pay frequent enough visits to my blog. Say, once a month at least.
3) Start organizing the ridiculous amount of family photos.
4) Travel somewhere new.
5) Go on a dinner date with hubby, minus the daughter.
6) Go see a movie in a theater.
7) Renew a good portion of wardrobe content.
8) Take better care of self, in health and in beauty.
9) Have a great haircut that I can stick with for a long time.
10) Start doing nails again.

Happy new year to all my dear readers!

Until next time,


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  1. I feel nosy asking this because I am just a casual follower (fan, perhaps) of your drawings. I commented on some a few years ago I think, and just came across your site again now. If you have more sketches I would like to see them, but understand if you dont want to share. I am not interested in invading anyone's privacy. Have a good day