Friday, January 4, 2013

List of 10 -New Year's Resolutions 2013

I can think of so many reasons why I shouldn't make resolutions this year, but I am making them anyway for two reasons. One: I like making lists. Two: I like checking lists that I made.

So here goes.

1) start jogging again
2) lose all "baby" fat
3) do not cause/get in  a traffic accident of any kind, deadly or otherwise
4) save a million yen
5) visit parents at least 5 times
6) take a great shot for my driver's liscence when it needs to be renewed this March
7) go on a date with hubby at least once
8) read a book a month
9) train A to say hello and thank you
10) go on a trip to a hot spring

With little A in our lives, 7) and 8) are harder to achieve than you might think.

For 1), T has already agreed that he would tag along on a bike on weekends.

Until next time,


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