Thursday, October 6, 2011

Packing and In Panic!

I am off to the airport in ten hours, during which I am, planning at least, to pack, have a nice long bath, get 8 hours of beauty sleep and have a hearty breakfast. I will have to remember not to leave anything important behind, like wallet and glasses, like I did the last time I went to France.

Let me tell you a story. The last voyage to the country of my dreams, I miraculously managed to leave my wallet behind. It's a good thing no one tried to rob me in Paris because I would have been killed or at least done some serious damages to 'cause I had had literally nothing for him or her to hawk off me. Imagine a Japanese female tourist walking down St. German de pres sporting a Pucci bag and Manolo boots and be completely penny less. Ridiculous, right? Yet penniless I was, and without my sister's magic plastic card, I would have had to turn my miserable ass back home at Narita Airport on the day one.

I also miraculously left my glasses at the hotel on the day I visited Luvre to face Mona Lisa. It would have been the most anticipated, marvelous artsy moment for me too, outshining all the things I have artistically done and seen in the presumptuous little life of mine. It might as well have beeen the moment for me to see a unicorn. So I stood there, and then there she was. On the wall. In that ridiculously small frame of gold or brass or who-can-tell-what-the-fuck. Right in front of me. Except there was this 10 cubic square meters of space! Who the fuck knew Lisa was not to be viewd within a decent distance? And when I say decent distance I mean I-am-able-to-actually-see-the-painting distance. Anyone who wears glasses but not on an every-waking-moment-of-his-or-her-life basis should be warned at the entrance of Luvre or provided with binoculars. But no warning, or no binoculars, even a monocular. So I did what I could to catch a glance of the centuries-old lady the 21st century way: zoomed in on the painting with my Cybershot. Haha, take that, Da Vinci!

Wasn't about art anymore at this point.

So anyway, I can't leave anything important behind this time. Need to make my reunion with Lisa at Luvre, and I must apologize to her that I failed to make our first encounter properly.

Oh, and and I need to introduce her my husband, too. How can I do that without looking directly into her eyes, no matter the distance between us, right?

And I just spent 10 minutes of the 10 hours that I had left. Crap and a half! Gotta go!

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