Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Got THE Ring!

Go ahead, guess!

That's right. It's a miniature replica (down to every elvish word engraved) of Elessar from The Lord of the Rings topped with the-ring-to-rule-'em-all on my shelf by the apartment entrance.

T got this when he was in New Zealand and saw one of the three films (I'm guessing "Fellowship of the Ring" judging from the time in which he claims he saw it), and had kept it in tact, until I came along claiming to be the biggest fun of the trilogy. He decided to give me the "precious", saying that I would appreciate this more than he does. Would I!!!!!

To me, no other ring gift can possibly top this in this life time. In fact, I am quite tempted to wear it on my ring finger (the size happens to be perfect!) on a regular basis...
You rock, T!

Until next time,



  1. OMG You have *THE* ring?! Do you turn invisible when you put it on?? Or do you have to pretend to be invisible since it's only a replica?

    And the sword is bad-ass if I may say so.

  2. Tim: You may, indeed, say so.